Undeclared Dance Crew Open Enrollment!

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1016283_677652705583726_1102142041_nDancing is becoming more and more common among the youth of today’s society. It has become an outlet that can be use to help bring kids out of their shells and even give them a chance to get some exercise and have a ton of fun while doing it! If you know anyone between the ages of 4 to 15 that loves to dance or just wants to have fun and try something new, then why not try out Undeclared Dance Crew?! No experience is necessary, all are welcome to come and join, and the atmosphere that the kids will receive is  simple amazing! Open enrollment for Undeclared is starting this week and you can come in and try it anytime during this week! For any inquires or questions just send an email to emanondancecompany@gmail.com

Hope too see you soon!

Here’s a little preview of Undeclared:

Coming Soon to The Collection: River Park – Yard House

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The Collection has announced that they will be opening a new Yard House on July 11, 2013! Offering delicious, mouthwatering food as well as amazing atmosphere and great service for since 1996, this is for sure going to be a new hot spot here in Oxnard!

The founder, Steele Platt opened up the first Yard House in 1996 in Long Beach California. Will all of its amazing success over the years, Yard house is opening new locations in:

Many craft beer aficionados of Oxnard will greatly appreciate the fact that this restaurant will be opening locally because of the massive variety of craft beer and other alcoholic beverages that are available. In fact, Yard House offers over 160 different types of beer on tap per restaurant.

For more information and more information on the history of this establishment, visit their website at:


Prom Season

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Prom Season is usually the time of year where Juniors and Seniors from high schools all around California finally get the opportunity to go out for a night of fun as well as possible romance. For some this is a chance to gather with friends and have one last formal form of celebration before life takes you on your own journey and for others it is to have that last dance with that special someone that you never got the chance to tell how you really feel. Regardless of the reason, Prom is most definitely a night one will never forget. Just as long as one makes the most out of it and treat it as ans experience rather than a financial obligation.

Statistics at schools are showing an overall drop in the amount of students that are actually attending Prom during their Junior and Senior years of High School. This of course may not seem like a matter of high importance but it does have significance none the less.

Those who say that Prom “Isn’t for them” or that it “Isn’t their thing” are judging the experience before even attempting to try it or experience it for themselves firsthand. How can one possibly know it isn’t for them without even experiencing it for themselves? The fact of the matter is.. you simply can’t. There is no shame in trying something new. It won’t kill you to dress up for one night and wear a tux or a dress with some heels. At the very least you can look back in your high school yearbook and at least say “I went to my Senior Prom”. Who knows. You may actually like it and have some fun.

Channel Islands Yacht Club Raises Funds for Ship Maintenance

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Recently this week, the American Tall Ship Institute put on a pirate themed ball at the Channel Islands Yacht Club in order to raise funds to go towards  the maintenance of a 138-foot topsail schooner used to teach young people about the sea known as the “Bill of Rights”

The estimated amount according to the chairman of the board of the institute, is about $78,000 for routine maintenance. This of course now a days does seem like a high amount of money to keep up with the maintenance of a simple schooner, however this maintenance is necessary in order to keep a tradition of sea related education alive and well.

The program that runs the “Bill of Rights” only hires scientists and teachers to staff the boat rather than seasoned sailors to ensure that those who come aboard the “Bill of Rights” get quality and reliable knowledge that they will never forget.

It really is heartwarming to see that traditional hands on education through experience is still being supported today in our society. One can always learn things through a traditional textbook, but they will most certainly retain it if they experience it first hand for themselves.

If you ever have the opportunity, be sure to visit the “Bill of Rights” and experience a vast ocean of knowledge waiting to be dived into.

Emanon Dance Crew Presents: Family and Friends Night!

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Friends, family, and alumni! Come by the Oxnard PAL on Friday, February 15th at 7:30PM! Our dance family will preview five different routines! Come out and support!!!

We’ll also be accepting open donations to help the Davalos family in their time of need. They recently lost 3 lives in their family and could use all the support they could get. Any type of donations will be greatly appreciated.

Open too all who wish to come and show support!


Picketing Outside of St. John’s Hospital

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As most who watch the news, or read the local paper must know, the economy is not exactly in its best shape as of now. This massive recession that we are all stuck in has not only caused many school districts to have  to make cuts and put teachers jobs in jeopardy, it is now even affecting our local public health care system as well.   Earlier this month on January 7, 2013 a total of over 30 to 60 workers that are currently involved in the Health Care Industry, picketed outside the doors of St. John’s  Hospital in Oxnard California.

This protest was organized and supported by Service Employees International Union Local 121 RN, which represents nurses, and SEIU-UHW, which represents some other health care workers. This massive movement is a response to the upcoming layoffs to the hospital that are set to take place on January 31 at the St. John’s Hospital in Oxnard as well as the Pleasant Valley Hospital in Camarillo California. These protests stem from the belief that the contract that was made with Local 121 is not being honored as it was first promised.

According too Laurie Eberst, St. John’s CEO and president of St. John’s, these layoffs mainly stem from the massive decline that has occurred in the government reimbursements. Due to this decline, a total of up to 50 jobs are expected to be laid off by January 31 unless it is negotiated and different approaches are explored.

This is a clear example of how bad things truly are in our economy. Things seem to be at an economic standstill and some form of action must be taken to ensure that these healthcare systems as well as educational systems are in the best shape possible even during the time of a recession.

Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture (FPAC) 2012!

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On Saturday and Sunday, September 8th and 9th 2012 the Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture (Or  FPAC as some people know it) returns for the 21st year in a row! This wonderful festival  is to celebrate arts of  the Philippines and beyond  and includes exhibits, literary readings, performances,  film screenings, great food, and much more! This festivals is the longest-running Filipino community tradition in the Los Angeles area and is one for sure NO ONE will want to miss!

FPAC was first established in 1992  a week after the L.A riots had plauged the city of Los Angeles. Even after all of the hardships that came with the L.A riots, over 3,000 brave people attended the first annual FPAC held at the City College on Mother’s Day, May 14, 1992.  Now, 21 years later the Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture presents over 1200 artists in 9 disciplines and attracting over 25,000 audience members from all over the country.

Come and be apart of this long history of celebrating art of the Philippines  and much more!

Tickets for admission are 9$ and can be purchased at the door. Children under the age of 5 are free!


323 Area Kids ft. 3-Tiny-3 & Neon



Ang Groupong Pendong

Apryle Dalmacio




Carbol Fusion

Carson Streetdance

Clint Gamboa

D&G Accordian Ensemble

Deland and the Fuss

DJ Ingwell / Jerome presented by BakitWhy.com

Double Dosage


Emanon Dance Crew





Gabriel Ramirez

Grayson Villanueva

Honor Flow Productions

IMB Martial Arts Academy

Institute of Native Arts/ BIBAK Dance Ensemble

Jaclyn Rose

Jazz Hour presented by: JazzPhil-USA

Josephine Arciaga


Katriz Trindad

Kayamanan Ng Lahi Philippine Folk Arts

Krystle Cruz

Krystle Tugadi


Malaya Filipino Dance Arts

Melia and Kiana Mariano

Mike Isberto

Mini Shock Los Angeles

Mischeif Makers

Paamano Performing Arts

PAC Modern


Rel Princeton

Rondalla Club of Los Angeles

Room to Improv Comedy

Sampaguita Youth Dance Troupe

SCPASA presents: Tinkling Battle

Sessions LA

Shining Sons

South Bay Filipino Martial Arts Club

Stacey Cacal

TEESA presented by Bakitwhy.com

Trouble Makers

**Lineup & Schedule subject to change

***Headliners not included.